'SCIENCE - the systematic study of the physical world. Of reality itself. But what is the nature of reality? IWF believe that science can take us through reality and into the BEYOND…

At a secret facility, deep within Liverpool docklands, IWF have been searching for a previously unknown form of energy. The time has come to share this journey and it’s startling results with humanity.

Beginning in the Visitor’s Centre we invite you to witness and perform first-hand our original experiments. Beyond the Visitor’s centre stands the enigmatic OMPHALOS, a conversion chamber, a machine, a vessel. Once inside, you will witness an experience like no other, the last great experiment - the manifestation of ‘ETERNAL ENERGY'

For those wanting to complete the package and gain further insight into IWF we are offering a special dining event - a modular multi-course meal inspired by the exploration of 'Invisible Wind' and the training regime of IWF operatives. The meal will take place prior to the tour on Friday 20th May.
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